Pence warns Turkey not to test Trump's resolve on Brunson case2018-08-16
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday warned Turkey not to test the resolve of U.S. President Donald Trump on the case of the detained American pastor Andrew Brunson.
Over 300 "predator priests" accused of sexually abusing children in U.S. Pennsylvania2018-08-15
More than 300 "predator priests" from six Catholic dioceses across eastern U.S. state of Pennsylvania have been accused of sexually abusing over 1,000 children, according to a new grand jury report released Tuesday.
W020180815340071017071_副本.jpg Worried or defiant: Turks' mixed reaction to sharp depreciation of lira under U.S. pressure2018-08-15
Sitting inside his small handicraft booth at a bazaar in Ankara's Umitkoy district, Nuran Yildiz, is pessimistic about the future of Turkey's economy after the sharp tumbling of the Turkish lira.
W020180815345726199512_副本140.jpg White House: Bolton to meet Russian counterpart as "follow-up" to Helsinki summit2018-08-15
The White House said Tuesday that U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton will meet his Russian counterpart in Geneva of Switzerland next week as a "follow-up" to the Helsinki summit last month between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
W020180815346120922522_副本.jpg Pakistan president remembers victims of anti-terror war in Independence Day speech2018-08-15
Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday paid homage to security personnel who have scarified lives in the war against terrorism, saying that their sacrifices have eliminated the scourge of terrorism in the country.
Special court ends 50-year-old water dispute among southern Indian states2018-08-15
A specially designated court in India on Tuesday resolved a 50-year-old water dispute among three southern states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, officials said.
W020180815343163024527_副本140.jpg People affected by flooding in Yangon, Myanmar2018-08-15
Water level of Yangon river continuously rises due to the unusual high tide. People in low-lying areas are being affected by flooding.
Indian PM addresses on India's 72nd Independence Day in New Delhi2018-08-16
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses on the country's 72nd Independence Day in New Delhi, India, Aug. 15, 2018.
Italy declares state of emergency in northern region after bridge collapse: PM2018-08-16
The Italian government has declared the state of emergency in the Liguria region surrounding the northwest city of Genoa, a day after the dramatic collapse of a major motorway bridge that caused dozens of victims, the country's prime minister said on Wednesday.
W020180815336855646818_副本140.jpg Provisional death toll in Italy's Genoa bridge collapse rises to 262018-08-15
The provisional toll of a bridge collapse in Italy's northwest city of Genoa rose to 26, local authorities said late on Tuesday.
S.Korean president vows strong support for independence fighters, families2018-08-14
South Korean President Moon Jae-in vowed a strong support Tuesday for independence fighters and their bereaved families, one day before the Liberation Day to mark the 73rd anniversary of the Korean Peninsula's liberation from the 1910-45 Japanese colonial rule.
Turkey-Russia-Iran trio aims to mitigate effects of U.S. sanctions, push Washington for talks2018-08-14
The past week has seen Washington slap a raft of punitive actions on Iran, Russia and Turkey. In response, the three countries have enhanced their coordination, which, in the eyes of U.S. experts, aims to soften the blow of the sanctions and push Washington towards talks to settle disagreements.
Jordan says terror cell in Al Salt plotting attacks against security targets2018-08-14
Jordan on Monday said that terrorists in the city of Al Salt, who carried out attacks killing five officers, were plotting other attacks on security targets and civilians.
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