New sperm bank starts trial operation in Shanghai2018-06-07
A human sperm bank that uses genetic screening on donors started trial operations in Shanghai, according to China Science Daily on Thursday.
Robot host makes TV debut in Guangxi2018-06-07
Working with an anchorwoman, the 1.21-meter-tall, 29 kilogram white robot named "Chao Neng Xiao Bai" answered its colleague's questions smartly in the first episode, which had a typhoon theme.
'Shared future for mankind' a top term2018-05-30
The phrase "a community with a shared future for mankind" was one of the hottest phrases in China related to international topics last year, a new report shows.
76.8 pct of Chinese greatly influenced by peers: survey2018-05-29
A total of 76.8 percent of Chinese say they are greatly influenced by peers, according to a survey.
Over half of Chinese singletons looking for partner with matchable wealth2018-05-28
A total of 54.8 percent of single Chinese of marriageable age are looking for a partner with matchable wealth, according to a survey released by China Youth Daily recently.
Tourism banned in source region of China's Yellow River2018-05-28
Tourism has been banned in a protected area at the source of the Yellow River, China's second-longest river, the area's management committee said Sunday.
Fewer Chinese students overseas considering migration: survey2018-05-28
Compared with previous years, more Chinese students studying overseas said they did not plan to immigrate in the future, according to a report released earlier this week.
Online convenience may come at a high cost-your privacy2018-05-28
As more people enjoy the convenience of smartphone apps to hail a ride, order food or simply deliver a package, security risks remain that pose an increasing threat to personal information, property and even the safety of users.
HPV vaccine also has a downside2018-05-25
China has approved a new HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine that combats nine strains of the virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer, which after breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women aged 15 to 44 in China.
Mental health issues rise among children2018-05-24
Mental health specialists warned of rising mental health issues among Chinese children and adolescents including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, which now hits roughly 5 percent of them.
Mobile payment firms eye city transport2018-05-23
China's mobile payment operators are entering the public transportation sphere with ambitious promotions for their new e-products that promise to change commuters' age-old ways of paying for their city rides, experts said.
Danger of sugar to kids highlighted2018-05-21
As Chinese children consume more sugar-sweetened beverages, experts are advising authorities to impose a sugar tax to reduce the health risks that such drinks may bring.
World's billionaire population reaches record high2018-05-16
The number of billionaires in the world surged and their wealth soared to record levels last year, research company Wealth-X said in its new report.
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