Cultural consumption on the rise in Shanghai2017-02-06
Alongside sports, tourism, and outdoor activities, art programs including oil painting, brushwork painting, learning how to play musical instruments, dancing and singing are getting increasingly popular among discerning, well-off consumers whose accent is on what they can do or achieve in life rather than what they can buy.
Luxury hotels for furry guests boom2017-01-26
While the streets of major Chinese cities start to empty as people return home for Spring Festival, businesses providing accommodations for left-behind pets are enjoying their busiest time of the year.
Single this Spring Festival? The good news is you're not alone2017-01-26
As the Lunar New Year approaches, more Chinese men and women are bracing themselves for questions about their unmarried status from nagging parents.
E-commerce lures in costumers during Lunar New Year2017-01-24
The Spring Festival has become an occasion for Chinese families to indulge in major shopping sprees, as internet giants add e-commerce twists to the Lunar New Year.
E-cigarettes encouraging youth to smoke: study2017-01-24
E-cigarettes, widely promoted as an alternative to smoking, are actually attracting young people who might not otherwise have smoked tobacco products.
Electronic readers' jump in popularity just beginning2017-01-23
Chinese people clearly love to read. Unlike in other parts of the world, where many publishers are tearing their hair out, sales of both printed and electronic books continued to rise last year.
Celebrating Year of Rooster? Chicken? Hen?2017-01-19
This year is the year of ji according to the Chinese zodiac that features 12 animals. The word ji creates similar difficulties, although perhaps not the Year of the Cock, for obvious reasons, but how about chicken, hen, or rooster?
Better pay greatest incentive for job2017-01-10
A newspaper survey has revealed that 67.1 percent of people see better pay as the primary incentive when applying for new jobs.
Xinhua Insight: One child or two? That is the question2017-01-05
Though often labeled one of China's most draconian laws, China's one-child policy, introduced at the end of the 1970s and abandoned at the beginning of 2016, achieved what it set out to do -- rein in growth of the country's already vast population.
From 'small goal' to 'primal force', memes spark imagination2017-01-04
Far from the magisterial tone of authoritative pronouncements, internet memes have a way of sneaking into public consciousness without a hint of pomp or prediction.
The words that went viral on internet in China in 20162016-12-29
China’s national swimmer Fu Yuanhui, who won a bronze medal at the semifinal of women's 100-meter backstroke in Rio Olympics, scored numerous viewers in China in a TV show.
The reason we might break eye contact during conversation2016-12-28
People occasionally break eye contact during conversations because searching for the right words to say while focusing on a person's face becomes too much for the brain to handle, according to a recent cognitive study.
Diabetes, heart disease, back pain dominate U.S. health care spending: study2016-12-28
Just 20 conditions make up more than half of all spending on health care in the United States, a new study that examined spending by diseases and injuries said on Tuesday.
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