China launches learning app for middle, primary school students2022-04-29
China has launched a mobile app to provide middle and primary school students with more convenient ways to study online amid COVID-19 resurgence, according to the Ministry of Education.
Door-to-door pet service thriving in China2022-04-28
Before Zhong Ze'an, a 32-year-old migrant worker in Beijing, left for his hometown to celebrate the Spring Festival, he needed to help his pet settle down.
Reading salon for elderly helps forge sound family environment2022-04-26
"Come on, time to go to school." Tan Xiangying, 70, would earlier often urge her two grandchildren, but now it is the other way around -- the kids remind Tan about her classes.
Panamanian embroidery art on display in Chongqing2022-04-25
An exhibition of the traditional embroidery art of the Kuna people of Panama has attracted large numbers of visitors in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality since its opening on April 18.
Less calorie intake equally effective with time-restricted fasting: study2022-04-22
Chinese scientists offered new advice to those seeking to lose weight: You do not have to spare your supper, just reduce your daily calorie intake.
Sugar figurines: The sweet blows of traditional folk art2022-04-19
As Xiong Chuanfa, 34, blows a lifelike fawn out of molten maltose in just minutes, kids gaze at him with astonishment thinking he is a magician.
New film from animation studio behind "White Snake" slated for release in July2022-04-19
Chinese film studio Light Chaser Animation announced on Monday that the second installment of its "new gods" animated film series, following the 2021 fantasy "New Gods: Nezha Reborn," is set for release this July, without specifying the date.
More Hollywood movies feature Chinese elements2022-04-14
In recent years, Hollywood has been striving to woo the Chinese audience by inviting Chinese actors to make an appearance, shooting scenes in China, or showcasing elements of Chinese culture.
China's foreign trade sustains upward momentum despite mounting challenges2022-04-14
China's foreign trade maintained its growth trajectory in the first quarter of 2022 despite increasingly complex internal and external challenges and risks.
Eels gaining popularity among more consumers2022-04-13
Braised eel, a main delicacy of Japanese cuisine, has seen sales rising in China recently, as such delicacies, usually sold in packages, have been gaining popularity among more young consumers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
China's appetite grows for ready-made dishes2022-04-13
While 35-year-old Dai Ji loves to host dinner parties, she does not have the same passion for cooking. Lucky for Dai, she can host without hassle thanks to the growing trend and availability of ready-made food.
China unveils plan to boost healthcare for women, children2022-04-11
China's National Health Commission has unveiled an implementation plan to achieve a range of major targets in boosting healthcare for women and children by 2030.
Tang Dynasty tombs discovered in China's Shanxi2022-04-11
Three tombs dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) were recently found in north China's Shanxi Province, according to the provincial institute of archaeology.
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